Join veteran REALTOR® Leigh Brown in her timely course, where she reveals proven strategies that have empowered her and countless other Real Estate Agents to not only endure but excel in tough market situations

Master the Art of Dominating During Recessions and Flourish in Any Market Environment!


You will either win and win big
OR vanish like 25% of the Real Estate Industry


and LEIGH BROWN will show you how


While others are reeling, you will learn how to win market share and grow

With inflation at its highest since 1981, the US economy is headed into a recession.

Every sector, including real estate, is feeling this economic pinch. 

You’re probably asking yourself : “Where am I going to get my next client?”

“Will I be able to prevent my business from going under?”

Or worse, you're wondering if you're really meant to be a Real Estate Agent.

Historically, 25% of the real estate industry disappears during a recession and many others feel paralyzed.

It is your job to take charge and win market share.

Leigh’s program breaks down:

  • How to become the preferred Real Estate Agent in your marketplace.
  • How to identify the gaps in market that need a professional Real Estate Agent’s guidance.
  • How to have buyers and sellers actively come find YOU.
  • Scripts that allow you to win listings and help buyers move forward.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started or have been a Real Estate Agent for decades – being prepared and equipped with the right knowledge can put you far ahead of the competition and tip the scales in your favor. 

Not only will you survive, but you'll be in a position to win more business – month after month, year after year.    


Hi! I’m Leigh Brown
Your Instructor & A Successful Real Estate Agent Who Has Thrived Through Many Challenging Market Conditions Over the Past 3 Decades

I’ve been in your shoes. 

I know exactly how the psychological and emotional roller-coaster feels in the current economic squeeze.

I have dominated the market (and the recessions that came along) for over 20 years

I have now focused my energies on empowering Real Estate Agents with actionable knowledge and a strategic roadmap so they can safely navigate the current recession and scale their business no matter how the economy turns.

As Seen On 

To that end, I have created  


A 5-Module Video Course Designed To Help Real Estate Agents assemble and implement a business plan that can withstand ANY market condition.

I’ve taken the time to put together a structured yet easy-to-follow course meant to help you establish, grow and scale your business in an uncertain economy. 

The core of my endeavor is to give you the tools, discipline, and self-confidence to attain consistent, robust success. 


Here’s What To Expect Once You Join In

In-Depth, Actionable Knowledge For Measurable Results

 For the past 20 odd years, I've seen it all – the highs, the lows, and everything in-between. What you get within this course is the very essence of my experience and accumulated knowledge. Applied correctly, this will help you unlock growth and insulate your business from recessionary pressures.

Affordable – Get Immense Value For Every Dollar You Spend

Hiring a coach can cost you thousands. However, this course delivers the same value (and then some) for less than 10% of their monthly fees. From day one, you’ll have 24/7 access to in-depth video modules full of practical advice to help you conquer the market.

Engaging & Easy-To-Follow

I hate boring, one-way lectures! I’m sure you do too! I’ve ensured that each module is structured in a step-by-step sequence so you can easily retain the information. Every module is an engaging video tutorial that will eliminate learning fatigue and enhance your knowledge (plus, you can pause it-stretch-and come back on your schedule).

Perfect For Any Schedule – Learn On The Go

 Enhancing your skill set while running a full-time business is a massive challenge. However, with round-the-clock access, you can learn at a pace that fits your day. Even if you can only invest 20 minutes per day, you'll be sharper, more confident, and ready to take on the market right away!

Enroll Now & Start Building A Thriving Business

Let’s Take A Closer Look At What The Course Offers 

This 5-module course has almost 3 hours of in-depth video tutorials that cover in detail each aspect of establishing a thriving real estate while navigating economic uncertainties.

Enroll Now – Learn How To Grow In A Volatile Economy

Results Speak Louder Than Words 

Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at how these Real Estate Agents have been able to transform their businesses. I’m supremely confident YOU CAN too!

“Leigh is truly a breath of fresh air! Being a real estate agent gets tricky during a market correction. Our agency recently hit a lean patch. Attending Leigh’s course helped me realign my strategic focus and get back on track. She is engaging, informative and spot on funny! I was glued to the screen throughout the entirety of the course. I highly recommend Leigh’s course to any real estate agent who wants to break out of a growth plateau.”

Kimberly A.

“Leigh is truly a master at what she does! When it comes to agents who are leading the way and breaking the mold, there is no one better than her. She tells it like it is and encourages you to be the best agent you can be. This particular course is full of invaluable insights and actionable tips on attaining robust, consistent growth as a realtor. I’m 100% sure that the knowledge I’ve gained here will have a very positive effect on my bottom-line.” 

Kimberly M.

My business took a clear hit in the current economic downturn. A friend of mine recommended that I explore what Leigh has to offer. And I was NOT disappointed! Within the course, she offers a straight-up, no nonsense approach to surviving economic hiccups as a real estate agent. Most importantly, she shares a practical roadmap to building a thriving business”. 

Andreea M.

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NEXT STEP – Lay The Foundation For YOUR Recession-Proof Business

You could, of course, choose to leave the fate of your business to the whims of the economy. 

Instead, ask yourself if you’re willing to start from scratch every time the economy takes a dip.      

I’m sure you answered with a strong NO.

If you’ve read this far, I know for a fact that you’re driven and passionate about building a thriving business-all while serving your community.

I have every intention of making that a reality. I urge you to take the first step and Enroll In This Course.

You will come out stronger, sharper, and more confident – ready to dominate the market no matter how the economy behaves. 

I look forward to helping YOU thrive.

Leigh Brown

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