Leigh Brown here.


From one professional Realtor® to another, we both know how hard it can be to grow a Real Estate business.

I’ve been working in this business with steadily increasing success for over 20 years, weathering down markets and sailing high in good times. The upshot of this experience is my team has sharpened our skills in every aspect of helping our customers buy and sell real estate. I want to help you, too.

Learn How to be Successful in Real Estate

Leigh Brown University online real estate training courses and webinars are designed for busy professionals who want to navigate evolving markets and changing technologies. You’ve got to stay up-to-date if you don’t want to be swept away by the current. Best of all, you don’t have to create a growth strategy from scratch.

If you’re just starting out or looking to grow beyond your current domain, our courses reveal incredibly valuable strategies to help you increase your profits:


your value proposition (so your customers do, too!)


with people through your own genuine personality.


of skills you need to solve customers’ challenges.


strategies for effective listing, pricing, and presentation.

What to Expect from Leigh Brown University Courses?

Experience dynamic and enjoyable learning with Leigh Brown's unique teaching approach, designed for all REALTORS®. Move beyond traditional seminar learning with practical, engaging content. Leigh Brown University courses offer invaluable insights for both novice and seasoned REALTORS®, helping overcome growth plateaus and maximizing influence.

New to real estate? Gain effective strategies and techniques for rapid growth without overspending. Success in this field demands dedication and meticulousness. These courses focus your efforts on the most impactful areas of your real estate business, paving the way for quicker expansion, increased profits, and a deeper comprehension of scaling efficiently.

LBU – A Hub for Real Estate Excellence

Courses and Webinars

Once you enroll in a Leigh Brown University course, you also gain access to our private Facebook group dedicated to continuing your education and engaging with like-minded Realtor® professionals looking to advance their business. Receive regular updates, insights from Leigh, and the latest news and information to help you succeed. 

It’s time to leap forward into a more successful future.

Maybe you’ve been successful for a while. Lately, though, sales are slowing down. You need the tools to break through the ceiling. The course for real estate mastery delivers these tools and more:

  • CREATE and CULTIVATE your personal brand so you stand out.
  • DISCOVER the power of video listings.
  • LEARN the most effective communication strategies for buyers and sellers in different age groups.
  • LEVERAGE social media to get more business.
  • UNDERSTAND the techniques for mining housing data and prospecting for gold in those numbers.
  • Get the LATEST intelligence on LISTINGS, PRESENTATIONS, and PRICING.
  • BUILD a winning team.


genuine techniques that will increase your profitability and allow you to build a team towards a common goal.


how to connect with people, building a real rapport that leads to trust, which leads to more deals.


your own personality to use your strengths to maximum advantage.


how to present real value in ways anyone can understand and appreciate.

Mastering Real Estate - My Most Comprehensive Course


Do you want to take yourself to the next level - whatever that may be - without wasting months or years trying to figure it out all on your own?

Learn top strategies for listings, presentations, and negotiations. Excel as a buyer's agent, analyst, and negotiator to elevate your career in real estate.

Right now, get lifetime access for just $349 (Normally $698). Offer Expires Soon.

Enroll Now!

Make better use of your time learning to create an operating procedure that takes you and your customers smoothly and efficiently through the process of buying and selling a home. A deal closed can give 20 - 30 - 40 times than the cost of the training.

Not even the stock market can do that for you in a comparable amount of time. 

But here's the real game changer: These courses, coupled with your dedication and hard work, promise a rewarding 2024. Remember, buying the course is just the start. To truly reap its benefits, you need to actively engage with it. Schedule each module in your calendar, dedicate time to learn and practice, and watch as your efforts transform your career.


“Leigh Brown is there for you.” In an era where there are ‘quick solutions’ to every problem with the click of the button, Leigh tells you the truth about what it will take to grow: Hard work, short-term and long-term goal setting, and execution of a plan with precision. Any business organization can learn what is necessary to achieve at a higher level with Leigh’s valuable insight.”

Buddy West

CEO & founder of MilRES®
President of Emory Hill Residential Real Estate
Wilmington, Delaware

“I love Leigh's no-nonsense, no-jacklegs, straight up and honest way of communicating important issues affecting the real estate industry! Her presentations keep your attention from start to finish and you won’t be able to take notes fast enough! Looking forward to future presentations!”

Andrea D. Booker

CEO of Montcalm County Association of REALTORS®


“With a diverse background in law enforcement and sales, I have taken countless training courses, and attended many seminars and webinars over the years.  As a new real estate agent, I found myself bombarded with people wanting to offer me some "secret sauce" to be successful, or coaching that literally cost thousands of dollars! I just finished the Leigh Brown University Mastering Real Estate course that she offers at a fraction of the cost to what many others wanted to charge.  I can definitively say that this course is money well spent at a time where I've only hemorrhaged money building my business.  I only wish I took this 3 months sooner when I first started and I'd be that much further ahead.  If you're a new agent, do yourself a favor and take this course!!”

Todd Feyrer

Licensed in NH

Meet Your Instructor, Leigh Brown


Leigh Brown is a successful REALTOR®, forward-thinking CEO, best-selling author, honest coach, and accredited CSP® (Certified Speaker Professional™) keynote speaker.

Leigh Brown is a spunky, inspirational, down-to-earth business leader who tells it like it is in a way that you are going to enjoy hearing. Her three award-winning books have helped people from all walks of life achieve sales, leadership, and relationship goals that propel them into a life they never thought possible.

As well as being deeply involved in guiding the REALTOR® association on state and national boards, Leigh is currently working as a top Carolina REALTOR®, so she understands the ins and outs of your day-to-day business. Her techniques and expertise are well-practiced and completely implementable. Leigh’s passion is giving you tools to promote growth and leadership in your business. She'll help you nail down specific steps for moving forward in your business goals, and she’ll motivate you to keep trying and keep driving for success.  She funnels decades of business experience into this course.

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