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All Mastering Real Estate courses are built on the same Leigh Brown fundamentals for Real Estate Success.

Standard teaches you everything Leigh does to thrive in her daily Real Estate business. 

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Mastering Real Estate 3.0 includes everything in the Advanced course — offered at a monthly subscription price to accommodate any budget.

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Todd Feyrer

Licensed in NH


“With a diverse background in law enforcement and sales, I have taken countless training courses, and attended many seminars and webinars over the years.  As a new real estate agent, I found myself bombarded with people wanting to offer me some "secret sauce" to be successful, or coaching that literally cost thousands of dollars! I just finished the Leigh Brown University Mastering Real Estate course that she offers at a fraction of the cost to what many others wanted to charge.  I can definitively say that this course is money well spent at a time where I've only hemorrhaged money building my business.  I only wish I took this 3 months sooner when I first started and I'd be that much further ahead.  If you're a new agent, do yourself a favor and take this course!!”